Butler Blow Torches: A History 

Primus Date and Number Codes

 An A to Z of British Blowlamps

The British Optimus

Easilit Blowlamp Co Kings Norton 

And a background to other Canadian Blow Torch Manufacturers & Suppliers

And a brief history of the PRIMUS name

 Manufacturers, Brand/Trade names, and other names

And the Kings Norton Metal Company

Yates Brothers, Darwen, Lancashire: A work in progress


Blowlamps / Blow Torches

Blowlamps / Blow Torches

Links to other websites

A Family Resemblance NEW

Future Article? 

Collections past and present

Catalogues, Leaflets etc

Other collectors and  related sites of interest

Parasene, Phoemax, RM,  Taymax, and the Veritas connection

Work in progress

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